It's one thing to know the steps. It's another to make them look good!

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Project Description

Salsa Shines and Styling

Fridays, 7:00P – 8:30P
Price: $20/class; class cards available
Level: All levels, Men and Women
No partner required

Peridance Capezio Center
126 East 13th Street, bet. 3rd and 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003 | Map it

Class Description

Training exercises used in every class will be drawn from fundamental dance techniques used in ballet, jazz, ballroom, hip hop and salsa in order to present a clear and effective process for achieving total body control.

For beginners, the class teaches variations in head, arm, and body movement that can be used to enhance simple salsa floorwork patterns. Isolation exercises and training routines will be drawn from other dance disciplines to encourage flexibility, body control, and rhythm. The goal of this aspect of the course is to enable students to improvise floorwork sequences on the dance floor with style and confidence.

For intermediate dancers, the lessons provide a comprehensive method for building body balance, momentum, and control when executing multiple spins in salsa. Turn drills designed after proven ballet and jazz spinning techniques will introduce and reinforce the skills needed to execute multiple spins in salsa dance both with and without a partner.

For advanced dancers, the main focus of the class is to enhance the dancer’s skill repertoire to performance quality. Students will learn the importance of posture, eye contact, and facial expressions when performing, as well as useful strategies for maximizing each movement, interacting with an audience, making use of stage space, and dealing with nervousness and onstage mistakes.

This open class introduces a wide range of fundamental Latin dance skills, including:

  • Body Rolls (Forward & Reverse)
  • Torso & Hip Rolls; Hip Shake
  • Shoulder Rolls & “Salsa Upper Body Movement”
  • Shoulder Shimmy; Head Rolls
  • Arm Alignment and Transitioning
  • Turn Preparation & Execution (solo and with a partner)
  • Head Spotting; Balance; Momentum