Ahtoy and Daniel win big at the 2014 Triple Crown Championships

Ahtoy and Daniel win 3 titles at the 2014 Triple Crown Championships

Congratulations our beloved directors and mentors, Ahtoy and Daniel, for their performance at this year’s Triple Crown Championships.  Flying directly to New Orleans the day after an exciting night performing at the Cielo Latino Gala, these two won the Rising Star Grand Championship.

But guess what?!… they didn’t stop there.  Ahtoy and Daniel also went on to win the Mary Gil Pro Open Grand Championship and the Pro Open Theatre Arts.

Rather than me trying to describe it, I think Ahtoy put it best on her FB feed.

On May 15, Ahtoy wrote…

Flight was delayed by hours. We didn’t think we were going to make it to the competition. But we sped to the ballroom, I sprayed my hair while running, we threw on our costumes, danced, and won the Rising Star Theater Arts event. Didn’t even have time to pee. Thank you to Larry Dean and his wife for encouraging us to make it. And thanks to my partner Daniel for lifting me up and twirling us around like a champ. Most of all, thanks to our mentor Billy Fajardo for taking us every step of the way. I’m embarrassed to have danced with no makeup, a full bladder, and a tight back from the flight, but I’m thankful anyway. Now for two more events! #itaintover #teamfajardo@danielenskat

On May 17th, she wrote…

Holy mackerel we just won the Rising Star Grand Championship!!! #pinchme#nodontwakemeup #teamfajardo This time I wore makeup!! Love to my mentor Billy Fajardo and my partner @danielenskat.

On May 18th, she wrote…

Daniel and I just won the Professional Open Theatre Arts and the Mary Gil Professional Open Grand Championship. We are utterly humbled and inspired by everything we experienced this weekend. Thank you Billy Fajardo for everything you have taught us on and off the dance floor. @danielenskat #teamfajardo

We’re so proud of you guys!! 

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