So proud to offer Beginner Salsa 101 at THE Alvin Ailey Studios

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Project Description

NY Salsa 101 for Beginners at Alvin Ailey Studios

Tuesdays, 6:00P – 7:30P
Price: $20/class; class cards available
Level: Beginners only (Levels 1 & 2)
No partner required

Alvin Ailey Studios
405 W 55th St
New York, NY 10019 | Map it

Class Description

While salsa is sweeping across the globe, there is no better place to learn it than New York City, considered by many to be the “mecca” of salsa. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the dance. Each class will start with exercises to get you moving comfortably and confidently to Latin rhythms, transitioning into fundamental salsa footwork, called “shines” in New York City. Taking a unique approach to partnerwork, this class features BAILA Society’s “Salsa 7”, the seven most popular figures in their most basic form and the foundation of partnerwork in New York Style Salsa.

Level 1 will introduce partnering technique for each figure while Level II or the “Salsa 7 Practice” Level will promote creativity and improvisation, showing you how to recombine the “Salsa 7” to make your own partnerwork patterns. Students will also learn the history and culture of salsa music and dance as well as salsa etiquette, floorcraft, and partner safety, giving you everything you need to get out on the dance floor!